Honor Our Veterans

The time has come to honor all of our great Veterans who have served us through their many sacrifices by leaving their homeland and families; to go to war knowing they may never return home again. Now, our hearts go out to them!
We have now taken several steps to secure our vision in honoring our veterans by developing the U.S. Veterans Museum in honor of their sacrifices for all of us!

First Step: We have developed for our veterans the U.S. Veterans Museum as a 501c3 with the U.S. Government. It is now an accredited enablement with the government to receive gifts in kind! Gifts and donations can be given through Somerset Trust Company in all of our five counties to the U.S. Veterans Museum for tax purposes.

Second Step: The U.S. Veterans Museum will encompass several counties including: Somerset, Cambria, Bedford, Blair and Westmoreland in Pennsylvania with each county having two members on the board.
Third Step: We have located and are negotiating a 22,000 sq. ft. building at 2474 N. Center Avenue, Route 601, Somerset, Pennsylvania. The site is close to Somerset Historical Center and the Flight 93 National Memorial. 

Fourth Step: We are now in the process of bringing all of our partners, corporations, and private funders together in formulating the final plans for our U.S. Veterans Museum.

Fifth Step: We have already secured the assistance of the Somerset County Technology Center in providing our communication systems and construction projects. Murals of each war will be painted by the inmates from the State Correctional Facility. The museum will have a Medical Clinic in operation three days a week and a refreshment area for the convenience of patrons.

Sixth Step: Steps have been taken to receive jeeps, half-tracks, choppers, and memorabilia items to be put on display.
Six steps are already in the planning stage. All we need is YOU to make it happen! For more information on how to become a part of this endeavor please call:

Dr. Jim Hendershot, President, 814-521-9605
Tom Joyce, Co-President, 814-279-2714 or 814-444-6125
Amos Snyder, Board of Directors, 814-233-0597
Richard Pristas, Board of Directors, 814-233-5743