U.S. VETERANS MUSEUM as a Non-Profit Corporation located at 2474 N. Center Avenue, Somerset, Pennsylvania 15501 with the expectations of rapid expansion in the museum, education, and the teaching industry. The Company solicits financial backing in order to be able to introduce its new service (described below).

Business Description
The Company shall be formed as a Non-Profit Corporation under the Pennsylvania State Laws and headed by a Board of Directors.
Our Board of Directors are highly qualified as Veterans in Building, Financing, Marketing, and Education in the bringing about of our vision for the museum!

"Bring public awareness to America’s historical armed conflicts by educating citizens of all ages, inspiring civic engagement, and promoting veteran well-being through the preservation of armed service memorabilia.”
  1. Our Veterans left their homeland, their families, and friends in traveling abroad to distant countries knowing that they may never return home again.
  2. Over 575,000 Veterans in all our wars returned home in flag-drapped coffins.
  3. It is our HONOR, DUTY, and PRlVlLEGE to give back to our Veterans for the sacrifices they have made for us.

Funding Request
We are requesting funding for one of the greatest projects to honor our Veterans! The Board of Directors, as Veterans themselves, will give their fullest attention in using your contributions to the best of their abilities, as they will serve our Veterans with the great honor they deserve!

Business Goals and Objectives

Short Term 1st Year
Our goals are: to solicit Corporations, Businesses, Public and Private Groups in getting them involved in "Honoring our Veterans!”
Our 2020 first year's goal is to obtain $450,000. The first year’s goal will be needed to purchase the building and begin the first stage of remodeling the outside and the planning of the configurations of the wars.

Long Term 2nd Year
The second year goal will be to put into place tributes to all the wars within the 3 floors.

Legal Issues
The ”U.S. Veterans Museum” confirms that its promoters have acquired all legally required trademarks and patients.

Marketing Summaries

Target Markets
A particular group of people will be promoted to serve our cause:
  1. Corporations
  2. Grants, federal and public
  3. Private
  4. V.F.Ws, American Legions, Remembrances
Promotional Strategy
  1. Website
  2. Television, Radio
  3. Newspapers
  4. Billboards
  5. Special Events